‘New Horror Handbook’ Layout Begins

The designing and layout of the much hyped (on this blog, anyway) New Horror Handbook began this weekend, and I have to tell you that it’s knocking my socks off.

Creative director Pamela Norman is taking the word “handbook” literally (a rarity, I know) and creating a volume that horror fans can open at random and easily start reading, guidebook style. While there is plenty of in-depth insight into your favorite films and directors (the Eli Roth chapter, for example, is running nearly 30 pages so far), The New Horror Handbook also includes plenty of factoids and sidebars that will give you a richer, more nuanced understanding of just what’s been happening in the genre in the last 10-15 years.

And none of those “no kidding” blurbs that tell you for the umpeenth time about the history of vampires and werewolves in folklore — this book assumes you know all of this. (Personally, if I read one more book about horror films that begins with Edison’s Frankenstein, I’m gonna hurt somebody. Tell us about what’s happening on screen today!)

Now if you’ll excuse me, Pamela Norman’s giving me that “someone’s gonna find himself on the business end of a spear gun if he doesn’t get back to writing this book” look.


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