Next Chapter of the ‘Handbook’ Begins

Just starting the next New Horror Handbook chapter, this one about the Canadian film franchise Ginger Snaps. Some great quotes in this chapter.

“But what are your first, embarrassingly unedited words for this new chapter,” I hear you ask. Well, so far they are the following:

If horror films have had one glaringly obvious weakness over the years, it’s been a chronic inability to tickle the emotions. So often the characters are nothing more than over-used archetypes that, like today’s hitchhikers, fall disturbingly into two camps: victim or psychotic. The best one can hope for is a particularly inventive death.

Certainly the last place we would ever hope to find three-dimensional characters and complex relationships is in a movie about werewolves…

Enough goofing off for your’s truly. Back to work…


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