‘Zombie Girl’ Set For Festival Premiere

Major congrats to Justin Johnson, Erik Mauck and Aaron Marshall! News comes this week that their documentary Zombie Girl, about the making of the zombie film Pathogen by (then) 12-year-old filmmaker Emily Hagins, will premiere during Austin’s Fantastic Fest film festival, which runs Sept. 18-25.

In preparation for the event, the filmmakers have posted a new Web site, including a slick new trailer.

Those who want to show this project some love are encouraged to stop by Zombie Girl‘s MySpace and Facebook pages. And for a detailed account of both the making of the documentary and Emily Hagins’ Pathogen, be sure to pick up a copy of The New Horror Handbook Oct. 31. (There now, Mr. Publisher, sir — will you take me off of the rack now please?)

Update – Aug. 13, 2008: Just learned from Emily that she will be in attendance at the premiere. A big fan of the Fantastic Fest, she had already bought her ticket long before the Zombie Girl event was announced.


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