‘Rogue’: McLean’s Follow Up to ‘Wolf Creek’ Hits DVD

Australian filmmaker Greg McLean seemed to come out of nowhere to grab horror fan’s attentions with his savage 2005 feature Wolf Creek. In the process he gave us one of the most unnerving twists on the serial killer formula ( and some much needed closure on the whole Paul Hogan/Aussie-invasion of the 1980s).

Now Dimension Extreme has unleashed the director’s follow up film: Rogue. Just as McLean breathed new life into the slash-by-numbers film, he has succeeded in doing the same for the Man vs. Nature genre.

The plot may be nothing new — a man-eating crocodile turns his teeth on a toothsome bunch of tourists in Australia’s badlands — but the execution is classic McLean. A fine artist by training, the director gives us one of the trademarks of the “new horror” movement: horrible events depicted in an achingly beautiful fashion.

Be sure to check out The New Horror Handbook for an in-depth look at Greg McLean and his work, based on an exclusive interview with the director.


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