New Horror Handbook: Update

Apologies for the dearth of postings this month. The good news is that it means I’ve spent every spare moment I can find working on the Handbook, which is coming along nicely.

Today I started the chapter about director Greg McClean (Wolf Creek, Rogue), and earlier this week I managed to finish up the rough draft of the Rue Morgue magazine chapter.

These chapters are already completed:

  • Ginger Snaps (an extensive look at the making of the films)
  • Vincenzo Natali (director, Cube, Splice)
  • Eli Roth (director, Cabin Fever, Hostel)
  • Inside (a look at the making of this year’s French phenomenon)

All of which means I have quite a bit of work to do yet before we can send this puppy off to the press. Thank you one and all for all of your support during the writing of this book.


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