‘Eye 3’ – Why the Double Vision?

Considering myself a fairly seasoned member of the horror film loving public, I’ve been surprised by the endings of two or three films in my lifetime, I have to admit. Yet never have I been shocked by the beginning of one.

If you have any interest in Hong Kong’s Pang brothers, the pair behind the original (pre-Jessica Alba) film The Eye, then you’ve probably already made the same mistake I did renting The Eye 3.

Yes, damn it, The Eye 3 is The Eye 10 with a new DVD box cover. As irked as I was to get this through Netflix, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who actually plunked down several dollars for this movie only to see the exact beginning they sat through a few years ago.

To be honest, I wasn’t completely unprepared for this, having read a review of Eye 3 in the last Rue Morgue that sounded all too familiar. No, it was the story description on the Netflix sleeve that gave me that last sense of false hope:

“After the tragic death of her husband who died mysteriously while photographing ancient ruins submerged deep in the ocean, Ching, a psychiatrist, starts to experience detailed recurring images of her husband’s underwater disappearance. And when one of her mystically attuned patients shares his belief that she will be reunited with her husband only on the brink of her own death, Ching resolves to take fate into her own hands.”

So if this isn’t describing Eye 3 (and believe me, it isn’t), what film is this?

Note: This is no slam agains The Eye 10, which is a deliciously tongue-in-cheek riff on the whole “I see dead people” subgenre. It’s definitely worth a rental, if for no other reason than a wonderfully off-the-wall encounter between a pair of street dancers and a possesed fellow in an apartment building.


5 thoughts on “‘Eye 3’ – Why the Double Vision?”

  1. Dang, well thanks for posting this. I just did a search for “ching resolves to take fate into her own hands” and this was the only site that turned up. At least it was the first time we’d seen Eye 10, I guess. Very weird.

  2. i dont understand… i was expecting this amazing epic movie about ching and her missing husband…and i got this??? what was the movie even about? The Pang brothers must have been very, very bored.

  3. If anything, I think this was the Pang brothers letting their hair down.

    When I first saw this, it was as ‘Eye 10,’ so I went in expecting a goofy movie because they’d skipped from Eye 2 to Eye 10. Because of that, I have to admit this one has become a guilty pleasure of mine because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. After all of the “I see dead people” movies we’ve been subjected to over the years, it’s nice to see someone satirize some of those conventions.

    That said, if I’d gone in expecting something scary, or something as promising as what’s promised on the Netflix description, I’d probably have felt very let down.

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