‘Rogue’ Adventure Tours

Hats off to the folks in government and tourism in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Not so long ago there were plenty of shopworn jokes about OZ’s tourist boards cringing every time Wolf Creek director Greg McLean made a film. But recognizing the breathtaking views and romantic adventure comitted to celluloid in McLean’s recent killer croc film Rogue, those in charge of promoting tourism in the NT proudly trumpet the fact that this film was shot there.Best of all, they offer a ‘Rogue Adventure’ itinerary PDF, free for the downloading.

As McLean told me for The New Horror Handbook,

“The weird part about that part of the world is that each time there’s a widely publicized crocodile attack in Northern Territory, tourism actually increases in that area. [Tourists] get excited about the concept of controlled danger, of going on an adventure tour where there might be the possibility of something dramatic actually happening. It sounds really strange but apparently there’s been a 20 percent jump every time there’s been a widely publicized crocodile attack.”

So what are you waiting for? Get planning. Next vacation, YOU could be the lucky one!


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