New Interview: Darren Lynn Bousman

I’m really psyched to be able to tell you today that The New Horror Handbook will include an interview with one of the hardest working directors in Hollywood: Darren Lynn Bousman.

Not only did he bring a new sense of depth (and it has to be said, fun) to the Saw series, but also more recently he has redefined the cinematic experience itself with the dark horse horror/sci-fi/musical Repo! The Genetic Opera.

The studio thought it was getting another flick in the Saw vein — what it got instead was that rarest of commodities in Ameircan cinema today: something new. Realizing that nothing scares Hollywood beancounters more than something original, Bousman has been knocking himself out for years trying to prepare the movie-going public for the experience.

For the first time, American audiences can get a taste of what all the buzz has been about at this month’s Fantastic Fest in Austin. So there you have it — not one but two reasons to hit Fanastic Fest: Repo! and Zombie Girl.


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