Emily Hagins Take 2: The New Film

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year (and darn it, get your own rock -- this one's taken!), you will know that young filmmaking phenom Emily Hagins and her crew are putting the finishing touches on her second feature length effort: The Retelling.

The new -- and extremely polished -- trailer (above) went up just a few days ago, and looks pretty impressive. If this is anything to go by, the not-quite-16-year-old has really honed her cinematic storytelling abilities. It also suggests that some of the weaknesses of her first work, Pathogen, probably had more to do with the inherent pitfalls that all zombie movies face and the lack of a big special effects budget, and less with her actual movie-making abilities.

In the meantime, a small number of Pathogen DVDs have come on the market just a week or two before the Fantastic Fest premiere of the documentary about Hagins, Zombie Girl. (I believe that she, some castmembers from Pathogen, and the makers of Zombie Girl all will be in attendance at that event for a Q&A session.)

And of course, for an in-depth look at her work and what it all means in the larger scheme of modern horror, please pick up a copy of The New Horror Handbook in November.


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