Vote…or Be Tortured?

No, this blog has not become a clearinghouse for edgy PSAs, though Hollywood does seem to be on something of a “scare ’em into doing what they should do anyway” kick lately. However this one has to be my favorite of the moment.

With its “Only You Can Silence Yourself” campaign, urges people to vote by none-too-subtly reminding them that if they can’t be bothered to get up off their lazy asses and go to the polls, they deserve what they get. At least that’s what I think the message is. Or maybe when you bind and gag Jessica Alba (above), that’s its own message.

Yet the first thing I thought of when I saw these images was that similar posters must be circulated around dictatorships to urge people to “vote” for the encumbent lest they or their family members wind up in similar circumstances (I’m looking at you, Mr. Mugabe).

Either way, isn’t it nice to see the much-maligned aesthetics of horror being adopted for a good cause? (Shudder...)


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