New Horror Handbook: Update

Happy All Hallow’s Eve eve, gang. Berman here to give you a brief head’s up on where The New Horror Handbook is in the production process.

As of today, I’m about halfway through the Darren Bousman chapter (Saw II-IV, Repo! The Genetic Opera), with frequent passes at expanding the introduction for good measure. After that, there are another couple of chapters to write — depending on whether a final interview I’ve been after for some time actually pans out — and then we go into crunch time. Art director extraordinaire Pamela Norman will turn all of those words into something you will be proud to display on your coffee table, provided you take pride in the more infernal pleasures of life.

During this process, postings here will probably be pretty rare for obvious reasons. However, once the book is safely off to the printer, we can have ourselves a grand ol’ time online.

All the best,



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