Finally: Sample Pages from the Book!

Inside_web_01Admittedly it’s taken us a bit longer to put The New Horror Handbook together than we expected, but I’m happy to report that the book was sent to the publisher on Monday, and things are finally starting to move.

Your’s truly is going to put the finishing touches on the index today, send that off to the publisher, too, and hopefully we’ll have this book out within a few weeks.

And yes, we finally managed to post a few sample pages from the book on the Web site: check them out. We’re still working on finding the best way to have them come through clear enough to read online, but I think you’ll get an idea of what to expect.


  • The book’s going to come in at about 230 pages.
  • It’s heavily illustrated, including many seldom seen “making of” images from the French gorefest Inside and Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever, among other movies.
  • For those interested in knowing how the book is coming along, you can follow its progress (and at times, lack thereof) on Twitter.
  • Finally, if you’re at all interested in such things, check out our Facebook page. We have a few things happening there sometime in the next couple of weeks that I think you will like.

Thank you again for your patience; I hope you will find it well rewarded once The New Horror Handbook finally comes out.


4 thoughts on “Finally: Sample Pages from the Book!”

  1. It’s nice to see it’s coming along. I’m really looking forward to this one and it will probably be one of the few books I actually end up reading! HAHA! Gotta say I’m more of a magazine guy myself.

  2. Thank you for that, William. I really appreciate all the support you’ve shown for this book. I know what you mean about magazines, but I thought it was about time someone actually documented how far horror has come recently.

    I love Carpenter, Romero, etc. as much as the next fiend, but it seemed about time someone took a look at the more recent offerings.

  3. Yeah, I have a bunch of books covering horror flicks but they rarely go beyond the early 80s. They were all great reads but there is alot of new types of sug-genres springing up lately.
    It’s cool that Inside will be featured in your book. It was a really great movie and was just beyond anything I had seen until that point.

    Do you think that the book will continue to be updated through the years to come? I’m sure there’s probably already some films that you would’ve loved to have covered.

  4. Ha! You don’t know how right you are. Just as we were locking down the book, out came Let the Right One In and Martyrs! There are a couple of brief mentions of both in the book, but I really would’ve loved to have included chapters on each.

    But yes, if the Handbook does well, there could be a Vol. 2, etc. Eventually I would really like to do a book just on international horror: Japan, Korea, France — so many great offerings coming out of these places.

    If anything, I like to think that this edition of the book acts as a “this is the story of horror so far,” covering some of the major filmmakers/films from the point where other books leave off right up to the last few years. I really hope you like it.

    And (this goes for everybody out there) always feel free to suggest movies/filmmakers you would like to know more about. If there is a Vol. 2, chances are good these suggestions will make it in there.

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