Dread Media Podcast


Just wanted to take a moment to thank Des at the Dread Media podcast for his support of The New Horror Handbook.

We had a long talk this afternoon (which you can hear on the next episode of Dread Media — available Aug. 17, unless I’m mistaken). Please excuse my blathering on that episode; as I told Des, I’m used to asking questions rather than answering them.

Also check out that episode for your chance to win a copy The New Horror Handbook, courtesy of the Dread Media podcast.

In the meantime, here are my own favorite episodes of Dread Media:

  • Episode 4: Probably my favorite: Interviews with Rue Morgue‘s Stuart Feedback Andrews and (then of Rue Morgue, now of Fangoria) Chris Alexander about an in-the-works documentary featuring Uwe Boll’s boxing match with his critics.
  • Episode 64: Des and wife Megan tackle Ginger Snaps.
  • Episode 79: Revisiting Faces of Death as an adult.
  • Episode 82: This one has it all. From Let the Right One In to Salo. And to cap it off: Megan returns to tell Des why Twilight doesn’t suck.

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