Oh, for the days of pointless movie protests

OrphanGod bless the slow news days that summer brings. Don’t get me wrong. I wrote my fair share of “local man builds tallest matchstick sculpture” stories, too, back in my newspaper days.

But the “controversy” (3 people, 4 people?) surrounding the recent thriller Orphan puts me in mind of the good old days when at least one movie each year would drum up enough self-righteous indignation to make for a good media spectacle. That was, of course, before society collapsed. Gone are our simple pleasures…

And this is what it’s come to? A few people who have far too much energy with the issue believe that Orphan could potentially give Orphans (sorry, orphans) a hard time? May I simply suggest to whatever incensed masses (both of you) bristle at the thought of this movie either a) see it, or b) do a Google image search on the word “orphan.” After that second option, we can then talk about how horrible movies are.

And after all the kerfluffle, why can’t I help but think that a marketing manager for said film suddenly had a hankering for the old days of movie protests, too?


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