‘Paranormal Activity’ Finally to Screen?

paranormalThere’s really no kind way to put this. You usually don’t get a lot of buzz about haunted house movies today. (Apologies to Tony at the HorrorEtc podcastThe Changeling is still a good film!)

Which is why it was so odd when horror audiences — hell, horror directors — were telling me about this intense little ghost flick that was was making the festival rounds back in 2007: Paranormal Activity.

But as quickly as it appeared, it promptly disappeared down that cinematic chasm of which we do not speak. Paramount had bought it, reportedly to remake the relatively low-budget flick, and that was that.

Now ShockTillYouDrop.com (via Examiner.com) is reporting that the original is probably going to be enjoying a limited theatrical release next month, albeit with a different ending.

I’ve never been one for ghost movies, but when you have the likes of Darren Lynn Bousman telling you that it made an impression on him, you really have to give it a chance.

Speaking of DLB, he’s set to begin shooting his Mother’s Day remake next week. Bug him on Facebook here. And if you do get through to him, would you please ask him where I should send his copy of The New Horror Handbook?

Addendum: After an amazing, viral PR push, Paranormal Activity is now opening across the country on 10/16/09. Click here to find a theater near you.


14 thoughts on “‘Paranormal Activity’ Finally to Screen?”

  1. I went and saw this movie and must say i was very dissapointed. I see more action at my house at night. Most of the time i was either yawning or laughing. It was way too predictable and the door slamming and banging i must say gave me a headache. but overall i will give them credit for doing it with a 11000 dollar budget and the ending or shud i say the last 15 seconds was good. didnt have me screaming but good

    1. Wow, that’s too bad, Sadie. I must admit I was looking forward to it, but I realized deep down that there was the possibility that this could be potentially disappointing. Can I ask if you liked Blair Witch at all? I’ve noticed over the years that The Blair Witch Project is a good test for determining what people’s horror movie tastes are. I know some people who love it for its minimalism, and others who really don’t like it for the very same reason.

  2. yea actually i really liked the blair witch it was better. I like how these movies look homemade beacuse you think its really happening and thats what i love about these movies. Like cloverfield for example that was amzaing to me. But all in all my horror taste is non stop blood and gore. these types of ghost movies make me bored. But yes blair witch i thought was good.

  3. wow! that is some scary shit. And the ring was good. That scene in the second one with her climbing up the well at the ending was messed up. But it makes me laugh when they make ghosts invisble and all u see is the person getting the shit knocked out of them by nothing. So yeah its safe to say i like seeing someone rip another person apart not just seeing the person rip into pieces by nothing but a shadow if even that.

  4. Ah, that will always be the dream. I can honestly say the only movie I’ve ever seen that gave me one moment’s fright is Blair Witch. It’s a tricky thing to scare people…

  5. yeah it is but get the right people and story line and gallons of blood lol. ud be surprised what you can do to peoples minds to literally make them go insane.

  6. honestly if i had to pick one it would have to be silent hill. the graphics were amzing and honestly scared the shit outta me. But i usually don’t get scared easily at all i mean it takes alot for me to get scared. But yeah silent hill would have to be the one.

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