‘Grotesque’: A Closer Look

Since the BBFC banned the DVD of Koji Shiraishi’s latest flick, Grotesque (Gurotesuku) a few weeks ago, it’s become one of the most talked about (and certainly one of the most Googled) horror movies in months. And predictably, it has launched a new dialogue about the banning of horror films in general.

You can add the guys over at the HorrorEtc podcast to that list. In their latest episode (No. 99), Tony, Ted, and guest host Doug actually fire up a copy of Grotesque and combine some running commentary on the torture flick with well-thought-out observations about horror movie censorship in recent years.

This commentary is something really tailor-made for the HorrorEtc crew. While the odd factual error may tick-off the die-hard fright fans (e.g, pinku films are actually Japanese softcore porn flicks rather than torture or horror films), HorrorEtc’s strengths has always been in the avuncular, enthusiastic manner of its hosts. And when delving into the details of an extremely nihilistic piece of work like Grotesque, it helps immensely to have likable guides who also give the impression that they’re not the jaded, giggling schoolboys who often put together horror podcasts.

Check back soon for a wrapup of horror podcasts that just may rekindle your enthusiasm for the genre.


2 thoughts on “‘Grotesque’: A Closer Look”

  1. That sounds like a really cool idea, a podcast commentary of a flick. All this talk of the movie being banned has my interest very high. Maybe the BBFC is actually trying to get all of us to watch the movie! HAHA!

  2. It’s a great marketing gimmick, isn’t it? I’m really hesitant to say anything about Grotesque, not having seen it, but it just sounds so by-the-numbers. Any plans to tackle it yourself?

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