‘Sorum’ Star Dies at 35

'Sorum' star Jin-young Jang died this week from stomach cancer. She was 35.
'Sorum' star Jin-young Jang died this week from stomach cancer. She was 35.

Everyone hates to see talent cut down, especially in the prime of life. But when you’re a horror fan, there’s an extra little twinge you get when a horror actor/director/etc. dies, as if noticing their passing makes you more morbid somehow. Or maybe that’s just my own sad hang-up.

This week saw the passing of Korean actress Jin-young Jang from stomach cancer at 35. In her short life, she starred opposite one of Korea’s biggest stars, Kang-ho Song (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Thirst), in The Foul King.

Yet to fans of Korean horror flicks, or in this case, dark Korean dramas, she will always be Sun-yeong from 2001’s Sorum. Her role as an abused wife who, like the handful of other residents of a condemned building, is hiding a dark past, won her the Best Actress Award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

As someone who has only recently discovered the delights of Korean cinema, I find this particularly sad news. Can we please keep our tragedies on screen for the foreseeable future?

For more on Sorum:




And check out the trailer here. (Sorry, no subs, but you’ll get the gist.)


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