Emily Hagins: A Quantum Leap

Those who’ve followed the story of Austin filmmaker Emily Hagins since she made her first feature, Pathogen, at the age of 12, are in for a treat here. She recently released the trailer for her third feature, My Sucky Teen Romance. She’s either dramatically improved her ability to cut a trailer, and a film, or she’s found herself a seasoned editor. Either way, this is a dramatic leap forward for her movies. Her use of music, pacing and sly-but-controlled humor in this trailer blows many “professional” trailers out of the water. The obvious conclusion: if she’s this good at 18, she’s going to be a true force to be reckoned with in Hollywood in just a few years.

As much as I’ve admired her ability to pull off her first two movies, I have to admit that this is the first of her films that I’m anxiously awaiting, not because it was made by a young person learning the craft, but because it really looks entertaining. She’s clearly chosen a setting that’s dear to her and one she knows a lot about — a fan convention — and she’s tackled the whole Twilight phenomenon in a new way while she’s at it.

Speaking of Emily, you really need to get yourself a copy of Zombie Girl: The Movie, the immensely entertaining documentary about the making of her first feature. You even get a copy of Pathogen with it. (For the full story on Emily and Zombie Girl, grab yourself a copy of The New Horror Handbook while you’re at it.)


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