Rue Morgue 110: Reviews of ‘TekeTeke’ and More

The April (#110) issue of Rue Morgue was a bit of a treat for me, as it’s the first time I’ve been given a movie to review, and a game, too, for that matter.

First up, a review of an odd little Japanese horror flick called Teketeke, which is distributed exclusively in the North America by

“Poor Koji Shiraishi. ln 2009, the Japanese director released two flicks on opposite ends of the horror spectrum. While the Guinea Pig like Grotesque (RM#96) promptly got itself banned in the UK, his more traditional J-horror, Teketeke, languished in obscurity until it was recently picked up for digital distribution through What hamstrings both movies, though, is a stunning lack of originality…”

Pick up Rue Morgue 110 for the complete review, a cover story on the beautifully named Hobo with a Shotgun, and a sumptuous look at Clive Barker’s new Hellraiser comic.

(Oh yeah, and my short review of Zombie Alley for the iPhone.)


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