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The New, New Horror?

Working on a piece for Rue Morgue magazine this week, the subject of which has me intrigued. Though the jumping off point is an anthology film expected to premiere at a film festival later this year (no, not Mark Pavia’s eagerly anticipated Stephen King anthology this time), the thrust of the piece is this: the genre has begun to reacti to the bankers-gone-wild attitude that has thrust us into the current abysmal economic circumstances.

Just as flicks such as Wes Craven’s original Last House on the Left were in part a reaction to the Vietnam War carnage glimpsed nightly on the evening news, we now have a few film projects in the pipeline that address the cavalier way that investment bankers sacrificed the lives and futures of many simply to line their pockets. More on this next month once the story’s out, but ultimately it leaves me asking this: is this just a blip on the radar or the new face of horror?